Why a Global Citizenship?

When a country creates a citizenship, it means that citizens agree to work together with the same rules, laws, language, system of trade and place of belonging. Our biggest issues today are not national issues, but global.

In the last ten years a global space has been created for us to thrive in – the Internet – but today it operates like the Wild West, when the rule of law is with the fastest draw. Air travel and our media has increased our ability to connect, but how do we trust a new connection in another country? XL Citizenship answers these questions by creating a global circle of trust which we sign up to – with common rules, language, a system of trade and a place of belonging towards World Wide Wealth.

Who should join?

If you believe that you have the power to effect global change, and you know you cannot do it on your own, then XL Nation welcomes you. If you see yourself as a go-giver instead of a go-getter, and you know that to contribute more wealth means understanding how to create more wealth, then XL Nation is for you. We have everyone from seasoned philanthropists, investors and business owners to world class speakers, thought leaders and change makers, to individuals committed to change – employed, self-employed, non-employed, students and adventurers. We have individuals, groups and entire organizations joining XL Nation. All XL Citizens have two things in common: A shared purpose of effective giving, and a commitment to ongoing learning, collaboration and contribution.

How to join

As an XL Citizen, you have access to the resources of XL Nation. You can read about all the privileges of XL Citizens here. All XL Citizens pay an annual fee of S$360. XL Nation is a non-profit organisation, and the annual fee covers global administration costs. New XL Citizens need an XL Mentor who will nominate you in and ensure that you have an orientation and have a point of contact into an XL Circle. If you do not have an XL Mentor, you can join the XL Nation citizen roll and in short time an XL Citizen will step up to nominate you in.

To apply for Citizenship, you will need to complete the Citizenship Application Form here.