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Orion United is the Affiliate Programme for the promotion and practice of all the products, events and courses developed by Roger James Hamilton. It also includes products of the world renowned entrepreneur profiling system, Wealth Dynamics. It is designed for entrepreneurs and investors who seek to exchange and extend their expertise – effectively and collectively.

There are two simple ways to partner Roger and earn money on Orion United:
1. The first is to become a reseller by buying Wealth Dynamics test tokens in bulk at wholesale rates – click here to find out how.
2. The second is to join our sister company Orion United as an affiliate, which gives you the opportunity to earn from the entire range within the Wealth Dynamics Lighthouse, along with a range of benefits – more below…

Orion United

Eight reasons why you join Orion United today…

  • Earn upto 70% commission on ALL Wealth Dynamics Products
  • It’s free to join
  • Access top marketing and analytic tools
  • Receive breaking news on the latest developments
  • Connect with a community of entrepreneurs
  • Win big (or small) prizes
  • We can’t think of a reason not to…
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    This August at Roger Hamilton’s Wealth Dynamics Academy, you will embark on an incredible journey of insight and information on Wealth Dynamics system, and how you can harness it to create radically different results in your life. Wealth Dynamics Academy to be delivered by Dr. Topher Morrison will held in Bali from 25th – 28th August. This event will give you the understanding of why some of us succeed and some of us do not.

    You will see how Roger James Hamilton has decoded the I Ching into eight threads based on the eight trigrams (which link to the Wealth Dynamics Profiles) and how each of these eight threads represents the eight archetype myths you will find in every popular film, myth and bed-time story. As Roger Hamilton explains “When we see that mastery doesn’t come from being perfect, but from navigating through the passages of time, we give ourselves permission to be imperfect yet fulfilled at every moment. This is the heart of gratitude, which is at the centre of true wealth.”

    Get an insight into how all 8 profiles interact with all 8 other profiles and 8 stages of enterprise with the 64 Wealth Vector Cards. This process will take you on a journey through 5,000 years of history – why and when the peaks and troughs will take place in your investments, your enterprises and your life.

    Wealth Dynamics Academy program steps deeper into the world of Wealth Dynamics. Participants will learn the 64 wealth vectors, which connect each wealth profile and connects every entrepreneur with the seasons and cycles within their enterprise and their industry.

    Email us on if you’d like to join us for this incredible 4 Day Event in Bali.