Our Vision


xl2020vision2In 2000, the United Nations Millennium Declaration, signed by all 191 UN member states, set a target to halve world poverty by 2015, and end poverty by 2025.

In 2002, XL Results Foundation was launched to help make World Wide Wealth a reality. We set a goal to create a worldwide foundation of learning and networking resources for entrepreneurs to accelerate their ability to create and contribute wealth. The aim of this global, self-supporting network is to provide an ongoing cycle of creation and contribution through social enterprise. In 2009, we launched XL Nation as a non-profit organisation, operating as one democratic global nation. XL Results Foundation is the steward to the XL Nation Senate and our XL Life Members have become Founding Members of XL Nation. Whereas the classic learning institutions of the 20th century were united by pride of place, we see the learning networks of the 21st century united by pride of purpose. The purpose of XL Nation is World Wide Wealth: our power to collectively create a global plumbing system of flow and connection to ensure we are maximising both our personal flow and global flow.

By 2020 our goal is to have reached $1 billion of new wealth created annually, with $100 million being contributed and leveraged to end poverty, environmental degeneration and to meet the UN Millennium Goals. How are we making this happen? Where are we now, and where will we be in 2020?

A Global Learning Institution

xl2020vision3When we launched in 2002, we had a vision of entrepreneurs learning the latest strategies and skills for success, not from academics but from other entrepreneurs who were walking the talk. We envisioned a core team of Founding Members who would be our success stories and our resource base, providing coaching, mentoring and leading by example in each country.

By 2020, we will have an international network of circles providing hard skill and soft skill training on all topics, from finding the right team to building the best systems to effectively setting up in new countries. We will have an unrivalled international business mentoring network allowing new entrepreneurs to tap in to a collective knowledge base on business and personal growth. We will have a network of International Schools to instil a culture of empowerment and entrepreneurship in our next generation.

In our first seven years, we have built a base of over 3,300 Founding Members across 27 countries. We have established the widest-reaching coaching certification programme with monthly modules being conducted throughout the world. Over 40,000 hours of coaching have taken place in the certification programme in the past 12 months.

In 2008, we sponsored the National Achievers Congress, and numerous other global events, bringing together leading entrepreneurs, educators and leaders. We also launched XL World which now serves as a global library of applied knowledge and opportunities that we can access anytime, anywhere.


A Self Financed Foundation

When we launched in 2002, we had a vision of entrepreneurs becoming a sought-after community for sponsors and advertisers, financing the activities and resources to help new entrepreneurs to help themselves. We saw our Life Members becoming stakeholders where their investment in our vision would lead to a lifetime return in value funded by the corporations supporting entrepreneurship.

By 2020, we will have an international base of more than five million entrepreneurs, the world’s widest reaching media on social enterprise, Global Summits and Conferences, and networking events taking place on any given day. Revenues from sponsorship, advertising and promotions will fund a large portion of this activity. Being part of this collective force, a self-employed entrepreneur or small business owner will be able to benefit from the same global buying power that today only multi-national corporations can achieve.

In our first seven years, we have become the leading path for corporations to reach entrepreneurs and small businesses, with a global network of over 60,000 entrepreneurs. XL Media on-line, is dedicated to Social Enterprise and has featured leading entrepreneurs and leaders including Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Bono, Al Gore and Nelson Mandela.

Entrepreneurship Decoded

When we launched in 2002, we had a vision of entrepreneurs accessing a community organised to build businesses around each individual’s strengths. In the same way that Hollywood enabled people to get into movies whether they were a scriptwriter, actor, director, producer, distributor, agent or technician, XL Nation would enable people to become entrepreneurs whether they were a Creator, Deal Maker, Trader, Mechanic, Star or Supporter. Using the Wealth Dynamics profiling system, business owners could identify the team they needed, the value they delivered and the strategy to follow.

By 2020, over one million people will be taking the Wealth Dynamics profiling test each year. We will have an opportunities exchange that follows the hierarchy of the eight stages of business growth, with international markets to find, offer and exchange ideas, brands, patents, contracts, licences, franchises, agents, management teams, financing, companies, properties and assets based on the Wealth Dynamics system. Entrepreneurs will be able to access communities of mentors, coaches, resources and fellow entrepreneurs supporting and following their specific profile. Entrepreneurship will not be about doing everything, but about doing what you do best and doing what you love.

In our first seven years, we have established Wealth Dynamics as the only profiling system providing specific strategic direction to entrepreneurs. Over 200,000 people have attended seminars to learn about the Wealth Dynamics Experience making it the widest-reaching event of its kind worldwide, taking place in 12 countries. In 2009, the Wealth Dynamics Lighthouse was created as a body of knowledge that contained all aspects of flow, including Wealth Dynamics, Talent Dynamics, Phi Dynamics and the Wealth Spectrum.


A Global Accreditation

When we launched in 2002, we had the vision that, in the future, consumers would contribute more to charities from buying through social enterprises than giving directly to charities. We had the vision that charitable causes would eventually receive more from corporations passing a percentage of their profits to them, than from their own charity drives. We had the vision of the Billion Dollar Challenge — where we would play a vital role in facilitating this movement by driving and measuring the wealth created and contributed by social enterprises, with the goal of achieving $100M in contributions from $1B in profits from participating social enterprises each year.

By 2020, we will have reached and surpassed our target of $100M contributed each year out of $1B in profits. We will have established a universally-accepted definition of a social enterprise as a company giving at least 10% of its profits to a charitable cause. Our Social Enterprise Accreditation Programme will be internationally regarded as a trusted system to recognise social enterprises publicly. Our Social Enterprise 500 will be the authoritative ranking of the top companies world-wide-ranked by their level of giving. Our annual Social Entrepreneur Award will give international recognition to the leading social entrepreneurs, providing role models and inspiration to the entire network.

In our first seven years, we put in place the mechanisms for the Billion Dollar Challenge, and the XL Social Enterprise Accreditation Programme. Through this accreditation, companies are publicly recognised as a Social Enterprise, with a nominated charitable cause that they are committed to giving at least 10% of their profits to. Through this programme, the Social Enterprise 500 will emerge and we will have specific measurable data each year, contributing to the Billion Dollar Challenge. In 2008, there are over 500 companies registered, with over US$72 million pledged to charities.

A Force for Giving

When we launched in 2002, we had a vision that, in the future, each of us would have as much education on how to contribute our money as our current consumer culture gives us on how to spend our money. We had a vision of the emergence of ‘enlightened consumers’, who would want their dollars spent to go to both consumption for themselves and contribution for others. We had a vision, shared by many, that as consumers found more meaning in the power of their money, knowledge on where to give and how to give would become increasingly valuable and important.

By 2020, we will be an authoritative source on effective giving. The collective knowledge we will have accumulated on the difference that each dollar makes within different causes will be published in our annual XL World Wide Wealth Directory. The partnerships we will have created with non-profit organizations will enable us to link the networks of wealth creation and wealth contribution. Our non-profit network will match our profit network in breadth and depth. The XL Social Enterprise Accreditation Programme will enable us to rank charities by the number of enterprises that have nominated them, providing a gauge to the public of the causes that fiscally-conscious corporations are supporting. The collective result of these initiatives will be to give individuals — from consumers to entrepreneurs — the power to make more informed decisions and see more tangible results in the difference they are making on this planet.


In our first seven years, we have featured success stories, highlighted causes and promoted charities in XL Media, at our events and through our online network. Our Extraordinary Lives Award and Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award have highlighted the extraordinary work of individuals within the network. Our World Wide Wealth Ambassadors champion causes in cities throughout the world. We have established a sister site, worldwidewealth.org, which will feature charities from across the region, enabling effective giving at multiple levels, from individuals to enterprises.

When we leave this planet, no matter how much money we’ve made, if we leave it in a worse state than when we got here, that’s not wealth. We each have the ability to make more, and we each have the ability to contribute more. Each of us has the ability to transform our personal wealth. Collectively, we have the ability to transform World Wide Wealth.

There are two pivotal events that will occur in our lifetime. One will be the end of world poverty, where our wealth networks will raise us all above the bar of pure survival. The other will be the beginning of environmental construction, where the effect of our human presence on this planet will equal a nett constructive result on the environment, from the present nett destructive result we have been having for the last 2,000 years. These are both historic sea changes — and they will occur in our lifetime. What part will you play?

When we launched in 2002, we had a big vision. The big vision has become bigger because we have gotten closer. We have gotten closer not as a result of the vision moving, but as a result of the world moving. The world has become more uncertain, more challenging, more exciting. We have become more connected, more informed, more empowered. Entrepreneurs are appearing at an accelerated rate. Social Enterprise has entered the global lexicon. People are ready to make more of a difference today.

By 2020, our vision will have become reality. It will have become bigger, and clearer. As the optometrist said, ‘Wealth comes from 2020 Vision.’ Vision opens the door to our potential. It gives us sight of who we can become, individually and collectively. We each have a power inside that, when combined, can and will change the world.

In our first seven years, we have made baby steps towards this vision. This is a long-term vision being built dayby-day, and it takes patience and perseverance. In our first five years, we have built an internationally recognised network that is already changing the lives of individuals daily.

We thank you for your contribution towards everything we are trying to achieve, and we ask that you continue to seek the ways to create and contribute more effectively. After all, it has only been seven years, and we still have another eleven to go!

In 2020, how old will you be? What will you accomplish in your lifetime? What will be your legacy? This is XL 2020. This is our vision. We invite you to make it yours.