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Roger Hamilton – Wealth Dynamics

Are you interested in smarter ways to wealth creation? Not short cuts to temporary wealth but fundamental principles to lasting, sustainable wealth? Why does wealth creation remain such a mystery for so many of us? Especially in an age when we have guides to far more complex tasks – like learning to fly, sending a rocket to the moon, and eating healthily (if we choose to J).

The answer is because until recently, we had no language and no structure to create the guide to entrepreneurship. At the beginning of the renaissance, they had to create a new language and structure for the times before they began building. The same happened at the beginning of democracies, and at the beginning of the industrial age. In fact, we were all educated with the language and structure of the industrial age – so it’s no wonder we are ill equipped to profit from the enterprise culture we now live in.

What if right now we were all equipped with an effective language and structure to navigate through the mass of information in front of us? What if at every moment we knew exactly what we needed to focus on to achieve results in our business – in the same way a pilot or a footballer knows what to do based on their circumstance?

That’s what Wealth Dynamics delivers. Wealth Dynamics is the language of entrepreneurship, and the Wealth Dynamics Lighthouse is the structure that enables us to navigate. Every book you read, event you attend and mentor you have fits into this structure. 9 times out of 10 we are applying the wrong advice at the wrong time. With the Wealth Dynamics Lighthouse, those days are gone.

How does the Wealth Dynamics Lighthouse work?

The Wealth Dynamics Lighthouse is a navigation beacon – which is why I’ve called it a lighthouse. It’s also a metaphor along the lines of the Lighthouse of Alexandria, for the light we can shine as a beacon to others. The Lighthouse has a series of levels:

Entry: This gives us a grounding to entrepreneurship: The key to wealth, the rules of the game, where we are (the Wealth Spectrum), who we are (the Wealth Profile) and why the wealthiest in the world are giving their money away. Completion of this level will give you a context (both a map and a compass) for all your actions and learning as you move forward.

Application: This gives us the step-by-step guide based on where we are and who we are, on the next steps to raise through each level. Whether you are in debt, are trying to get a business started, are have a successful business but are looking to get your time back, or are running multiple investments, there is a step you can take now to rise above your current challenges. This is the spiral staircase.

Extension: Above application are a series of levels which lead to the light. These are all within Phi Dynamics – The fundamental principles that the Chinese culture, to the Mayans, Egyptians, Romans, Founders of the Renaissance, the Founding Fathers of the United States, Founders of modern science, industry and technology, and every new movement in our history have harnessed. Phi is the basis of physics, philosophy and philanthropy, modern finance, economies and ecologies.

What’s your first step?

The first step is to take your Wealth Dynamics Profile test. Below are a series of links to the test, and resources online:

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