Reading List


The Warren Buffett Way:
Investment Strategies of the World’s Greatest Investor,
by Robert G Hagstrom
The New Buffetology:
The Proven Techniques for Investing Successfully in Changing Markets That Have Made Warren Buffett the World’s Most Famous Investor,
by Mary Buffett, David Clark
The Accidental Zillionaire:
Demystifying Paul Allen,
by Laura Rich
Benjamin Graham:
The Memoirs of the Dean of Wall Street,
by Benjamin Graham, Marjorie G Janis
Value Investing:
From Graham to Buffett and Beyond,
by Bruce Greenwald,
Judd Kahn, Paul Sonkin, Michael van Biema
The King of Cash:
The Inside Story of Laurence Tisch,
by Christopher Winans

Hard Drive:
Bill Gates and the Making of the Microsoft Empire,
by James Wallace, Jim Erickson
How Microsoft’s Mogul Reinvented an Industry and Made Himself the Richest Man in America,
by Stephen Manes, Paul Andrews
Charles Schwab:
How One Company
Beat Wall Street and Reinvented the
Brokerage Industry,
by John Kador
The Difference between God and Larry Ellison:
Inside Oracle Corporation: God Doesn’t Think He’s Larry Ellison,
by Mike Wilson
Walt Disney:
An American Original,
by Bob Thomas
Insanely Great:
The Life and Times of Macintosh, the Computer That Changed Everything, by Steven Levy
Losing My Virginity:
How I’ve Survived, Had Fun, and Made a Fortune Doing Business My Way,
by Richard Branson
Direct from Dell:
Strategies that Revolutionised an Industry,
by Michael Dell, Catherine Fredman

The Operator:
David Geffen Builds,
Buys, and Sells the
New Hollywood,
by Tom King
The Art of the Deal,
by Donald Trump, Tony Schwartz
The New Financial Capitalists:
Kohlberg Kravis Roberts and the Creation of Corporate Value,
by George P Baker, George David Smith
The Murdoch Missions:
The Digital Transformation of a Media Empre,
by Wendy Goldman Rohm
by William Shawcross
Only in America:
The Life and Crimes of Don King, by Jack Newfield

Think and Grow Rich,
by Napoleon Hill
The Millionaire Mind,
by Thomas J Stanley
The Richest Man in Babylon,
by George S Clason
The One Minute Millionaire:
The Enlightened Way to Wealth,
by Mark Victor Hansen, Robert G Allen
Forbes Greatest Business Stories of
All Time,

by Daniel Gross
Masters of Enterprise:
Giants of American Business from Bill Gates
to Oprah Winfrey,
by HW Brands

The Life of John D Rockefeller, Snr,
by Ron Chernow
As I See It:
The Autobiography of
J Paul Getty,
by J Paul Getty
John D Rockefeller:
Anointed with Oil,
by Grant Segall

Grinding it Out:
The Making of McDonalds, by Ray Kroc, Robert Anderson
Behind the Arches, by John F Love
Pizza Tiger,
by Tom Monaghan, Robert Anderson
Made in America, My Story,
by Sam Walton
Pour Your Heart Into It:
How Starbucks Built a Company One Cup at a Time,
by Howard Schultz, Dori Jones Yang

Martha Inc:
The Incredible Story of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia,
by Christopher Byron
Walk Like a Giant, Sell Like a Madman,
by Ralph R Roberts, John Gallagher
Madonna As Postmodern Myth:
How One Star’s Self Construction Rewrites Sex, Gender, Hollywood and the American Dream, by Georges-Claude Guilbert
Michael Jordan and the New Global Capitalism,
by Walter Lafeber
The Life Story of Anthony Robbins,
by Michael Bolduc

Straight from the Gut,
by Jack Welch, John A Byrne
Jack Welch & The GE Way:
Management Insights
and Leadership Secrets of the Legendary CEO,
by Robert Slater, Vince Lmbardi
by Rudolph W Giuliani, Ken Kurson
Work In Progress,
by Michael D Eisner, Tony Schwartz
Saving Big Blue:
Leadership Lessons & Turnaround Tactics of IBM’s Lou Gerstner,
by Robert Slater

Soros on Soros:
Staying Ahead of the Curve,
by George Soros
Wall Street to Main Street:
Charles Merrill and
Middle-Class Investors,
by Edwin J Perkins
An American Success Story,
by Dial Torgerson
The Life and Times of a Messianic Billionaire,
by Michael T Kaufman
Beating the Street,
by Peter Lynch, John Rothchild
One Up On Wall Street,
by Peter Lynch, John Rothchild