About XL

XL Group
XL Group was founded in 2002 by Roger Hamilton and Dave Rogers to accelerate the growth of entrepreneurship and effective giving around the world. Starting with a small, pioneering group of Life Members in Singapore, XL has grown in the last seven years into a network of entrepreneurs in 27 countries. On March 31st, 2009, on XL National Day, entrepreneurs from around the world met in Bali to sign the Declaration of Interdependence, and XL Nation was born. While XL Results Foundation operated as a social enterprise with a management team in Singapore and profit-making Country Management teams in each country, XL operates as a democratic global nation, with its base online in XL World and all Founding Members have an equal opportunity to step up and lead their own trusted circles.

Visit the different regions of XL Nation and related companies of XL Group:

XL Nation
XL Nation is supported as a non-profit from Citizen fees, and from 2010 is run as a democratically elected leadership and global, regional and circle level. XL Founding Members are running regular events around the World: In Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, India, China, Japan, Dubai, South Africa, England, Scotland, Wales, Netherlands, Mexico, Canada and USA. Visit the XL Nation Website at www.xlnation.org

XL World
XL World is the global meeting place for all XL Leaders, Founding Members and Citizens. It is our private, trusted space where we share all our resources, knowledge, opportunities, and where you will find that the home of every XL Circle. Once you have your passport and password, visit XL World at www.xlworld.org

XL Nation News Feed
The XL Nation News Feed is followed by thousands around the world, and gives you all the latest news from in and around XL. Keep updated directly to your mobile phone or computer at www.twitter.com/xlnation

XL Nation Blog
All the news articles and updates within XL are published on our XL Group Blog. This includes major events, programs, updates, and stories from our Founding Members and Citizens. Keep connected at www.xlgroupblog.com

XL Results Foundation
This is the home to the XL Senate and the XL Founding Members. You’ll find the latest guides, links and information here for Founding Members. You can visit the site at www.resultsfoundation.com

XL Events
XL Events specialise in large scale annual events for entrepreneurs, hosted by XL co-founder, Roger Hamilton. These include the ‘Entrepreneur Business School’ , ‘EBS Masters, ‘Wealth Dynamics Experience’, ‘Wealth Dynamics Academy’ and Roger’s ‘Crystal Circle’. Find out more at http://www.xl-events.net

XL Finance
XL Finance is the financing arm of the XL Group, and is being developed into a socially responsible investment fund, providing financing to social enterprises and directing a percentage of profits into micro-loans for developing countries.

World Wide Wealth
The mission of XL Nation is World Wide Wealth. We track our giving through XL Nation and the XL SEA Programme. You can keep up-to-date with the World Wide Wealth movement by visiting www.worldwidewealth.org