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Roger Hamilton – Wealth Dynamics

Are you interested in smarter ways to wealth creation? Not short cuts to temporary wealth but fundamental principles to lasting, sustainable wealth? Why does wealth creation remain such a mystery for so many of us? Especially in an age when we have guides to far more complex tasks – like learning to fly, sending a rocket to the moon, and eating healthily (if we choose to J).

The answer is because until recently, we had no language and no structure to create the guide to entrepreneurship. At the beginning of the renaissance, they had to create a new language and structure for the times before they began building. The same happened at the beginning of democracies, and at the beginning of the industrial age. In fact, we were all educated with the language and structure of the industrial age – so it’s no wonder we are ill equipped to profit from the enterprise culture we now live in.

What if right now we were all equipped with an effective language and structure to navigate through the mass of information in front of us? What if at every moment we knew exactly what we needed to focus on to achieve results in our business – in the same way a pilot or a footballer knows what to do based on their circumstance?

That’s what Wealth Dynamics delivers. Wealth Dynamics is the language of entrepreneurship, and the Wealth Dynamics Lighthouse is the structure that enables us to navigate. Every book you read, event you attend and mentor you have fits into this structure. 9 times out of 10 we are applying the wrong advice at the wrong time. With the Wealth Dynamics Lighthouse, those days are gone.

How does the Wealth Dynamics Lighthouse work?

The Wealth Dynamics Lighthouse is a navigation beacon – which is why I’ve called it a lighthouse. It’s also a metaphor along the lines of the Lighthouse of Alexandria, for the light we can shine as a beacon to others. The Lighthouse has a series of levels:

Entry: This gives us a grounding to entrepreneurship: The key to wealth, the rules of the game, where we are (the Wealth Spectrum), who we are (the Wealth Profile) and why the wealthiest in the world are giving their money away. Completion of this level will give you a context (both a map and a compass) for all your actions and learning as you move forward.

Application: This gives us the step-by-step guide based on where we are and who we are, on the next steps to raise through each level. Whether you are in debt, are trying to get a business started, are have a successful business but are looking to get your time back, or are running multiple investments, there is a step you can take now to rise above your current challenges. This is the spiral staircase.

Extension: Above application are a series of levels which lead to the light. These are all within Phi Dynamics – The fundamental principles that the Chinese culture, to the Mayans, Egyptians, Romans, Founders of the Renaissance, the Founding Fathers of the United States, Founders of modern science, industry and technology, and every new movement in our history have harnessed. Phi is the basis of physics, philosophy and philanthropy, modern finance, economies and ecologies.

What’s your first step?

The first step is to take your Wealth Dynamics Profile test. Below are a series of links to the test, and resources online:

The Wealth Dynamics Profile Test: http://wdprofiletest.com/
The Wealth Dynamics Blog: http://wealthdynamicsupdates.wordpress.com/
Wealth Dynamics on Twitter: http://twitter.com/wealthdynamics
Wealth Dynamics on Slideshare: http://www.slideshare.net/wealthdynamics
Wealth Dynamics Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/WealthDynamics
Wealth Dynamics Affiliate Program: http://affiliate.xlstore.org/
Wealth Dynamics Facebook Group: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=32007092377
Wealth Dynamics in Australia: http://www.resultsnetaustralia.com/portal/index.php
Wealth Dynamics in UK: http://www.triumphantevents.co.uk/
Wealth Dynamics in South Africa: http://www.wealthdynamics.co.za/
Wealth Dynamics in Japan http://www.xljapan.jp/
Wealth Dynamics in Canada: http://xlresultscanada.com/blog/

XL Founding Member Guide | XL is our world

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XL World is the private community for XL Citizens and XL Founding Members. This is where all XL Circles post their flow, and we share a global XL Library, Opportunities Exchange, Stories, Measures, Connections and Causes.

XL World

If you are an XL Citizen or XL Founding Member, log in here Login to XL World

Why a Global Citizenship?

When a country creates a citizenship, it means that citizens agree to work together with the same rules, laws, language, system of trade and place of belonging. Our biggest issues today are not national issues, but global.

In the last ten years a global space has been created for us to thrive in – the Internet – but today it operates like the Wild West, when the rule of law is with the fastest draw. Air travel and our media has increased our ability to connect, but how do we trust a new connection in another country? XL Citizenship answers these questions by creating a global circle of trust which we sign up to – with common rules, language, a system of trade and a place of belonging towards World Wide Wealth.

Who should join?

If you believe that you have the power to effect global change, and you know you cannot do it on your own, then XL Nation welcomes you. If you see yourself as a go-giver instead of a go-getter, and you know that to contribute more wealth means understanding how to create more wealth, then XL Nation is for you. We have everyone from seasoned philanthropists, investors and business owners to world class speakers, thought leaders and change makers, to individuals committed to change – employed, self-employed, non-employed, students and adventurers. We have individuals, groups and entire organizations joining XL Nation. All XL Citizens have two things in common: A shared purpose of effective giving, and a commitment to ongoing learning, collaboration and contribution.

How to join

As an XL Citizen, you have access to the resources of XL Nation. You can read about all the privileges of XL Citizens here. All XL Citizens pay an annual fee of S$360. XL Nation is a non-profit organisation, and the annual fee covers global administration costs. New XL Citizens need an XL Mentor who will nominate you in and ensure that you have an orientation and have a point of contact into an XL Circle. If you do not have an XL Mentor, you can join the XL Nation citizen roll and in short time an XL Citizen will step up to nominate you in.

To apply for Citizenship, you will need to complete the Citizenship Application Form here.

You will find that there are five levels to contribute as an XL Founding Member. All five levels are always available to you – from day one. Like five lanes on a freeway, each level is at a different pace, takes greater action, and moves you forward faster. It’s your choice!

XL Founding Membership exists to provide us with a like-minded and dynamic trusted community for life to make World Wide Wealth a reality. Provided every stakeholder contributes at one of these levels, we move forward for the benefit of us all. Here are the five levels:

1Contribute as an XL Citizen

You may be attracted to XL for its values and resources, but you may be looking to absorb and learn before stepping up. You know you have great potential, but you want to build up your clarity, company and cash flow before moving into the fast lane. That’s why many join XL as XL Citizens. That’s fine – but even this level is not a passive ‘give-it-to-me’ role. The speed of your personal growth will be determined by what events and circles you commit to, what questions you ask, and whom you seek to support and advise you. Every XL Citizen contributes to their circles by their actions to draw out and apply what they learn.

2Contribute as a Generous Resource Base

We all already have resources that we often take for granted: Whether it is knowledge, skills, connections, finances or even simply time and enthusiasm. As an XL Founding Member, you are here as a guardian to the XL Playground. When you show up at events and begin to contribute the resources you already have, you soon find the favour being returned. We each have a resource requirement that someone else can solve in an instant. Begin contributing as a life-long stakeholder, and your own access to resources will begin to multiply. The Founding Members who have practiced this between countries have quickly built the most incredible global resource base that supports them and their network to take on bigger opportunities.

3Contribute as an Inspiring Role Model

As stakeholders, we share in each other’s success. Focus at applying the learning and resources you access through XL to write your own success story. Some of our most inspiring contributions have come from Founding Members who have achieved success and served as a role model for others to follow. Whether your actions and learnings are shared at an event, in XL World, or through your entry in the Extraordinary Lives Award or Entrepreneur Business School Challenge, you contribute when you share your story. This journey starts with the simple action of becoming a Certified Social Enterprise as part of the Social Enterprise Accreditation Programme. Lead by example. It takes action and commitment, but the rewards back to you escalate to an entirely new level.


4Contribute As an Active Advocate

XL has grown through word-of-mouth and the efforts of the Founding Members who have stepped up to roles within the XL community. Whether you take on a role as a Circle Leader, Country Leader, City Leader, Marketing Partner, Ambassador, Event Organiser, Affiliate Partner, or Wealth Dynamics Pratictitioner, these roles provide recognition, and an increased flow of opportunities. Some of them also provide an income stream for those that step up with the right resources.

5Contribute as an XL Senator

As a Founding Member, you have a seat on the XL Senate. Every month the Senate meets to discuss and agree on the direction that XL Nation grows in. While the XL Forum is made up of Xl Circle Leaders who are constantly looking for more efficient ways for XL Nation to achieve World Wide Wealth, the XL Senate is not focused as much on the trade we flow to as the truth we grow from. This means that your Senate seat has tremendous power to shape XL Nation. By making a commitment to attend and contribute each month (which you can do from anywhere as our Senate meetings are virtual and can be accessed from any computer or phone) you become the change in a very real way.

Choose the level you want to play at, and change levels as you develop. By moving forward with a clear idea of which level you are at within membership, you can measure your progress by the degree to which you are contributing at that level. And one more thing – at whichever level you play, make this question a daily habit: “How can I maximise my power to create and contribute today?”



gymHere’s an analogy of Founding Membership. When you visit a sports gym, you might notice a group of people who seem to be showing others how to use the equipment. The same group seem to be fitter than everyone else as well – and they appear to be enjoying themselves. The crew in a sports gym are the resource base, the role models and are there because they have a passion for their health. Swap health for wealth, and you’ll see why World Wide Wealth needs a similar dedicated group leading by example. You’ll see why it’s in the best interests of XL and each Founding Member to support this group to be the most informed, most motivated, most equipped global group of individuals, showing up to support others.

Like health, wealth is a lifelong commitment where the more you focus at the distinctions in your workout, the smarter you become in achieving consistent results. Founding Membership is about consistently showing up to get those results – for life.

The XL Opportunities Exchange and XL Infinity Market are part of XL World, available only to XL Citizens. Below are three places to purchase products related to XL Nation:

Wealth Dynamics
Take your Wealth Dynamics Profile Test. Wealth Dynamics is the language of entrepreneurship, utilized within XL Nation to identify our path of flow and how to work effectively together.

XL Events
XL Events manages the Wealth Dynamics Experience, Wealth Dynamics Academy, Wealth Dynamics Masters and Entrepreneurs Business School. These are major events attended by XL Citizens and XL Founding Members to connect, learn and find new opportunities.

XL Store
View and purchase the latest products related to Wealth Dynamics, World Wide Wealth and XL Nation.

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Products Wealth Dynamics

The Warren Buffett Way:
Investment Strategies of the World’s Greatest Investor,
by Robert G Hagstrom
The New Buffetology:
The Proven Techniques for Investing Successfully in Changing Markets That Have Made Warren Buffett the World’s Most Famous Investor,
by Mary Buffett, David Clark
The Accidental Zillionaire:
Demystifying Paul Allen,
by Laura Rich
Benjamin Graham:
The Memoirs of the Dean of Wall Street,
by Benjamin Graham, Marjorie G Janis
Value Investing:
From Graham to Buffett and Beyond,
by Bruce Greenwald,
Judd Kahn, Paul Sonkin, Michael van Biema
The King of Cash:
The Inside Story of Laurence Tisch,
by Christopher Winans

Hard Drive:
Bill Gates and the Making of the Microsoft Empire,
by James Wallace, Jim Erickson
How Microsoft’s Mogul Reinvented an Industry and Made Himself the Richest Man in America,
by Stephen Manes, Paul Andrews
Charles Schwab:
How One Company
Beat Wall Street and Reinvented the
Brokerage Industry,
by John Kador
The Difference between God and Larry Ellison:
Inside Oracle Corporation: God Doesn’t Think He’s Larry Ellison,
by Mike Wilson
Walt Disney:
An American Original,
by Bob Thomas
Insanely Great:
The Life and Times of Macintosh, the Computer That Changed Everything, by Steven Levy
Losing My Virginity:
How I’ve Survived, Had Fun, and Made a Fortune Doing Business My Way,
by Richard Branson
Direct from Dell:
Strategies that Revolutionised an Industry,
by Michael Dell, Catherine Fredman

The Operator:
David Geffen Builds,
Buys, and Sells the
New Hollywood,
by Tom King
The Art of the Deal,
by Donald Trump, Tony Schwartz
The New Financial Capitalists:
Kohlberg Kravis Roberts and the Creation of Corporate Value,
by George P Baker, George David Smith
The Murdoch Missions:
The Digital Transformation of a Media Empre,
by Wendy Goldman Rohm
by William Shawcross
Only in America:
The Life and Crimes of Don King, by Jack Newfield

Think and Grow Rich,
by Napoleon Hill
The Millionaire Mind,
by Thomas J Stanley
The Richest Man in Babylon,
by George S Clason
The One Minute Millionaire:
The Enlightened Way to Wealth,
by Mark Victor Hansen, Robert G Allen
Forbes Greatest Business Stories of
All Time,

by Daniel Gross
Masters of Enterprise:
Giants of American Business from Bill Gates
to Oprah Winfrey,
by HW Brands

The Life of John D Rockefeller, Snr,
by Ron Chernow
As I See It:
The Autobiography of
J Paul Getty,
by J Paul Getty
John D Rockefeller:
Anointed with Oil,
by Grant Segall

Grinding it Out:
The Making of McDonalds, by Ray Kroc, Robert Anderson
Behind the Arches, by John F Love
Pizza Tiger,
by Tom Monaghan, Robert Anderson
Made in America, My Story,
by Sam Walton
Pour Your Heart Into It:
How Starbucks Built a Company One Cup at a Time,
by Howard Schultz, Dori Jones Yang

Martha Inc:
The Incredible Story of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia,
by Christopher Byron
Walk Like a Giant, Sell Like a Madman,
by Ralph R Roberts, John Gallagher
Madonna As Postmodern Myth:
How One Star’s Self Construction Rewrites Sex, Gender, Hollywood and the American Dream, by Georges-Claude Guilbert
Michael Jordan and the New Global Capitalism,
by Walter Lafeber
The Life Story of Anthony Robbins,
by Michael Bolduc

Straight from the Gut,
by Jack Welch, John A Byrne
Jack Welch & The GE Way:
Management Insights
and Leadership Secrets of the Legendary CEO,
by Robert Slater, Vince Lmbardi
by Rudolph W Giuliani, Ken Kurson
Work In Progress,
by Michael D Eisner, Tony Schwartz
Saving Big Blue:
Leadership Lessons & Turnaround Tactics of IBM’s Lou Gerstner,
by Robert Slater

Soros on Soros:
Staying Ahead of the Curve,
by George Soros
Wall Street to Main Street:
Charles Merrill and
Middle-Class Investors,
by Edwin J Perkins
An American Success Story,
by Dial Torgerson
The Life and Times of a Messianic Billionaire,
by Michael T Kaufman
Beating the Street,
by Peter Lynch, John Rothchild
One Up On Wall Street,
by Peter Lynch, John Rothchild


xl2020vision2In 2000, the United Nations Millennium Declaration, signed by all 191 UN member states, set a target to halve world poverty by 2015, and end poverty by 2025.

In 2002, XL Results Foundation was launched to help make World Wide Wealth a reality. We set a goal to create a worldwide foundation of learning and networking resources for entrepreneurs to accelerate their ability to create and contribute wealth. The aim of this global, self-supporting network is to provide an ongoing cycle of creation and contribution through social enterprise. In 2009, we launched XL Nation as a non-profit organisation, operating as one democratic global nation. XL Results Foundation is the steward to the XL Nation Senate and our XL Life Members have become Founding Members of XL Nation. Whereas the classic learning institutions of the 20th century were united by pride of place, we see the learning networks of the 21st century united by pride of purpose. The purpose of XL Nation is World Wide Wealth: our power to collectively create a global plumbing system of flow and connection to ensure we are maximising both our personal flow and global flow.

By 2020 our goal is to have reached $1 billion of new wealth created annually, with $100 million being contributed and leveraged to end poverty, environmental degeneration and to meet the UN Millennium Goals. How are we making this happen? Where are we now, and where will we be in 2020?

A Global Learning Institution

xl2020vision3When we launched in 2002, we had a vision of entrepreneurs learning the latest strategies and skills for success, not from academics but from other entrepreneurs who were walking the talk. We envisioned a core team of Founding Members who would be our success stories and our resource base, providing coaching, mentoring and leading by example in each country.

By 2020, we will have an international network of circles providing hard skill and soft skill training on all topics, from finding the right team to building the best systems to effectively setting up in new countries. We will have an unrivalled international business mentoring network allowing new entrepreneurs to tap in to a collective knowledge base on business and personal growth. We will have a network of International Schools to instil a culture of empowerment and entrepreneurship in our next generation.

In our first seven years, we have built a base of over 3,300 Founding Members across 27 countries. We have established the widest-reaching coaching certification programme with monthly modules being conducted throughout the world. Over 40,000 hours of coaching have taken place in the certification programme in the past 12 months.

In 2008, we sponsored the National Achievers Congress, and numerous other global events, bringing together leading entrepreneurs, educators and leaders. We also launched XL World which now serves as a global library of applied knowledge and opportunities that we can access anytime, anywhere.


A Self Financed Foundation

When we launched in 2002, we had a vision of entrepreneurs becoming a sought-after community for sponsors and advertisers, financing the activities and resources to help new entrepreneurs to help themselves. We saw our Life Members becoming stakeholders where their investment in our vision would lead to a lifetime return in value funded by the corporations supporting entrepreneurship.

By 2020, we will have an international base of more than five million entrepreneurs, the world’s widest reaching media on social enterprise, Global Summits and Conferences, and networking events taking place on any given day. Revenues from sponsorship, advertising and promotions will fund a large portion of this activity. Being part of this collective force, a self-employed entrepreneur or small business owner will be able to benefit from the same global buying power that today only multi-national corporations can achieve.

In our first seven years, we have become the leading path for corporations to reach entrepreneurs and small businesses, with a global network of over 60,000 entrepreneurs. XL Media on-line, is dedicated to Social Enterprise and has featured leading entrepreneurs and leaders including Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Bono, Al Gore and Nelson Mandela.

Entrepreneurship Decoded

When we launched in 2002, we had a vision of entrepreneurs accessing a community organised to build businesses around each individual’s strengths. In the same way that Hollywood enabled people to get into movies whether they were a scriptwriter, actor, director, producer, distributor, agent or technician, XL Nation would enable people to become entrepreneurs whether they were a Creator, Deal Maker, Trader, Mechanic, Star or Supporter. Using the Wealth Dynamics profiling system, business owners could identify the team they needed, the value they delivered and the strategy to follow.

By 2020, over one million people will be taking the Wealth Dynamics profiling test each year. We will have an opportunities exchange that follows the hierarchy of the eight stages of business growth, with international markets to find, offer and exchange ideas, brands, patents, contracts, licences, franchises, agents, management teams, financing, companies, properties and assets based on the Wealth Dynamics system. Entrepreneurs will be able to access communities of mentors, coaches, resources and fellow entrepreneurs supporting and following their specific profile. Entrepreneurship will not be about doing everything, but about doing what you do best and doing what you love.

In our first seven years, we have established Wealth Dynamics as the only profiling system providing specific strategic direction to entrepreneurs. Over 200,000 people have attended seminars to learn about the Wealth Dynamics Experience making it the widest-reaching event of its kind worldwide, taking place in 12 countries. In 2009, the Wealth Dynamics Lighthouse was created as a body of knowledge that contained all aspects of flow, including Wealth Dynamics, Talent Dynamics, Phi Dynamics and the Wealth Spectrum.


A Global Accreditation

When we launched in 2002, we had the vision that, in the future, consumers would contribute more to charities from buying through social enterprises than giving directly to charities. We had the vision that charitable causes would eventually receive more from corporations passing a percentage of their profits to them, than from their own charity drives. We had the vision of the Billion Dollar Challenge — where we would play a vital role in facilitating this movement by driving and measuring the wealth created and contributed by social enterprises, with the goal of achieving $100M in contributions from $1B in profits from participating social enterprises each year.

By 2020, we will have reached and surpassed our target of $100M contributed each year out of $1B in profits. We will have established a universally-accepted definition of a social enterprise as a company giving at least 10% of its profits to a charitable cause. Our Social Enterprise Accreditation Programme will be internationally regarded as a trusted system to recognise social enterprises publicly. Our Social Enterprise 500 will be the authoritative ranking of the top companies world-wide-ranked by their level of giving. Our annual Social Entrepreneur Award will give international recognition to the leading social entrepreneurs, providing role models and inspiration to the entire network.

In our first seven years, we put in place the mechanisms for the Billion Dollar Challenge, and the XL Social Enterprise Accreditation Programme. Through this accreditation, companies are publicly recognised as a Social Enterprise, with a nominated charitable cause that they are committed to giving at least 10% of their profits to. Through this programme, the Social Enterprise 500 will emerge and we will have specific measurable data each year, contributing to the Billion Dollar Challenge. In 2008, there are over 500 companies registered, with over US$72 million pledged to charities.

A Force for Giving

When we launched in 2002, we had a vision that, in the future, each of us would have as much education on how to contribute our money as our current consumer culture gives us on how to spend our money. We had a vision of the emergence of ‘enlightened consumers’, who would want their dollars spent to go to both consumption for themselves and contribution for others. We had a vision, shared by many, that as consumers found more meaning in the power of their money, knowledge on where to give and how to give would become increasingly valuable and important.

By 2020, we will be an authoritative source on effective giving. The collective knowledge we will have accumulated on the difference that each dollar makes within different causes will be published in our annual XL World Wide Wealth Directory. The partnerships we will have created with non-profit organizations will enable us to link the networks of wealth creation and wealth contribution. Our non-profit network will match our profit network in breadth and depth. The XL Social Enterprise Accreditation Programme will enable us to rank charities by the number of enterprises that have nominated them, providing a gauge to the public of the causes that fiscally-conscious corporations are supporting. The collective result of these initiatives will be to give individuals — from consumers to entrepreneurs — the power to make more informed decisions and see more tangible results in the difference they are making on this planet.


In our first seven years, we have featured success stories, highlighted causes and promoted charities in XL Media, at our events and through our online network. Our Extraordinary Lives Award and Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award have highlighted the extraordinary work of individuals within the network. Our World Wide Wealth Ambassadors champion causes in cities throughout the world. We have established a sister site, worldwidewealth.org, which will feature charities from across the region, enabling effective giving at multiple levels, from individuals to enterprises.

When we leave this planet, no matter how much money we’ve made, if we leave it in a worse state than when we got here, that’s not wealth. We each have the ability to make more, and we each have the ability to contribute more. Each of us has the ability to transform our personal wealth. Collectively, we have the ability to transform World Wide Wealth.

There are two pivotal events that will occur in our lifetime. One will be the end of world poverty, where our wealth networks will raise us all above the bar of pure survival. The other will be the beginning of environmental construction, where the effect of our human presence on this planet will equal a nett constructive result on the environment, from the present nett destructive result we have been having for the last 2,000 years. These are both historic sea changes — and they will occur in our lifetime. What part will you play?

When we launched in 2002, we had a big vision. The big vision has become bigger because we have gotten closer. We have gotten closer not as a result of the vision moving, but as a result of the world moving. The world has become more uncertain, more challenging, more exciting. We have become more connected, more informed, more empowered. Entrepreneurs are appearing at an accelerated rate. Social Enterprise has entered the global lexicon. People are ready to make more of a difference today.

By 2020, our vision will have become reality. It will have become bigger, and clearer. As the optometrist said, ‘Wealth comes from 2020 Vision.’ Vision opens the door to our potential. It gives us sight of who we can become, individually and collectively. We each have a power inside that, when combined, can and will change the world.

In our first seven years, we have made baby steps towards this vision. This is a long-term vision being built dayby-day, and it takes patience and perseverance. In our first five years, we have built an internationally recognised network that is already changing the lives of individuals daily.

We thank you for your contribution towards everything we are trying to achieve, and we ask that you continue to seek the ways to create and contribute more effectively. After all, it has only been seven years, and we still have another eleven to go!

In 2020, how old will you be? What will you accomplish in your lifetime? What will be your legacy? This is XL 2020. This is our vision. We invite you to make it yours.

XL Nation – The Transformation Nation

Do you believe that you have the power to end world poverty? To reverse the effects we are having on our environment? To achieve the United Nations Millennium Goals within your lifetime? Not alone, but together. How can we collectively achieve these big promises? XL Nation is our answer. We are a community of social entrepreneurs, change makers, leaders and ordinary individuals spanning over 30 countries committed to extraordinary results.

XL Nation launched as a non-profit, for-social-profit community simultaneously in every country around the world on 31st March 2009. It is the first global nation, with no land, no army, nothing to fight over, everything to live for. We have linked the circles of trust that are at the core of every community with the power of technology to share our learning, opportunities, successes, measures, causes, connections and experiences. Like cells that each receive, process and transmit energy while preserving and replicating through their own integrity, each XL Circle is a regular meeting place with a rhythm of flow. Each carries the DNA of the whole – our mission of World Wide Wealth.

In a world where everything has decentralised – from our markets to our communication to our entertainment to our means of production – the only centralised function left is government itself. XL Nation is structured to be the first global real-time democracy, with all XL Founding Members and XL Leaders having the power to effect change and shape history through our global Forum & Senate Sessions.

As XL Citizens we have our own code of trust, our own language of wealth, our own currency of trade, our own constitution of change. We connect through the trinity of truth, trust and trade. We collectively vote for the changes in structure and systems that connect us: A scalable system from thousands to millions, not relying on a centralised leadership but on one global voice.

Watch the video Intro of XL Nation

A Brief History

In 2002, Roger Hamilton and Dave Rogers founded XL with the simple idea that, by connecting with like-minded social entrepreneurs around the world, and committing to regularly show up, step up and give back, we could create a global community of go-givers that could achieve whatever we put our minds to. This was before Bill Gates & Warren Buffett joined forces to give, before social enterprise and social media had entered our lexicon, and before youtube, facebook and twitter. In fact, yahoogroups was cutting edge technology at the time…

In 2009, seven years, two wars, a tsunami and a global financial crisis later, XL had grown into the largest social entrepreneur network in the world, spanning 30 countries and hosting 2,000 events in 2008. In wasn’t all plain sailing though. As we grew, we came across the same challenges that every global organisation faced as social media made the traditional channels of flow redundant. No point having a garden hose if it’s raining.

So in March 2009, we took the combined learning that seven years and over 5,000 events with over 400,000 people had given us and in March 2009, XL Nation was launched. The Founding Members to this launch numbered 3,300 in the XL Nation Senate (compared to 26 in the first US Senate), over 100 Trustees representing every XL country, and a Transformation Team meeting virtually to set up XL Nation, from London, Melbourne, Hong Kong, South Africa, Singapore, Bali and led by Michelle Clarke in Freckleton, North England.

We are now in the very exciting stage of multiplying XL Circles around the world, writing the constitution and working towards October 13th 2009, when the first Bali Convention will be held to sign the constitution and vote in the first global and country leaders for 2010. You join us at an exciting time, and we hope you’re ready to play!

Click here to apply for XL Founding Membership or XL Citizenship

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Roger Hamilton - XL Results Foundation Roger Hamilton is a social entrepreneur, creator of the Wealth Dynamics profiling system, founder of Phi Dynamics and co-founder of XL Nation and XL Group. Behind all of Roger’s companies and content is the mission of World Wide Wealth: The power to grow our flow individually and collectively.

Roger’s Wealth Dynamics Profile Test and Wealth Spectrum Test have supported tens of thousands of entrepreneurs in over fifty countries around the world to find their flow. Over the last seven years, Roger’s speaking schedule has led to him spreading his message of social enterprise and effective wealth creation to over 200,000 entrepreneurs in 15 countries.

In 2002, Roger co-founded XL Group with Dave Rogers. The first international network dedicated to social entrepreneurship, XL has grown into an organisation hosting over 2,000 events each year, bringing social entrepreneurs together to share resources, knowledge and connections. XL is part of the United Nations Social Compact and has been recognised by the Clinton Global Initiative for the philanthropic work it has undertaken.

XL Nation was launched at the first XL National Day on 31st March 2009. Established as a global nation without borders, with its own Declaration of Interdependence and Constitution, this for-social-profit organisation is making waves as a vehicle for entrepreneurs to unite and achieve the United Nations Millennium Goals as part of the XL Vision 2020.

The focus of Roger and his teams are on finding the best ways to connect effective wealth creation and contribution, through social enterprises and between social entrepreneurs. Each of his companies is a social enterprise that operates as part of the XL SEA Programme.

Born in Hong Kong and educated at Trinity College, Cambridge University, Roger became an entrepreneur soon after completing his studies, experiencing many failures before achieving success. He now owns and runs businesses in publishing, property, financing, franchising, event management, resort management, training, coaching, membership and education.

Roger believes that we learn from our mistakes, and he has made plenty of them. He has made and lost millions on numerous occasions. In fact, he calculates that he lost over $130 million in mistakes in the first ten years of his entrepreneurial career. He views this education as being a lot more valuable (and expensive) than his university education.

More About Roger

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“During a recent company event, I was glad to have Roger make the keynote address. His topic stimulated the audience to think beyond their mindset, and set the tone for new, positive changes to be effected. Roger, with his flair and passion, easily captured the audience with genuine enthusiasm. His delivery was smooth and easily comprehensible. It is to the benefit of anyone who has not heard of Roger, to find out how easily adaptable and value adding his topic of ‘3 Keys to Success’ is to all aspects of a person’s life – its that practical and inspiring!”

Ralph Gaudio Senior Vice-President and General Manager AIA

Roger Hamilton gave an inspiring keynote address during our recent Kick-Off event. “His presentation technique is both stylish and highly motivational. Members of our audience were won over by his charisma and energy. If you’re looking for a speaker that can charge up your crowd, Roger’s your man! More importantly, Roger’s advice is practical. His 3 Keys to Success can be effectively incorporated into anyone’s lifestyle.”

Michael J. Elliot, Vice President Agency AIA Singapore

“We were glad to have invited Roger as our guest speaker during our recent Manager’s Conference. His exuberance and enthusiasm were contagious; and has captured the attention of his audience easily with his energetic and stimulating delivery. The topic he presented – ‘3 Keys to Management Success’ – was both enlightening and practical. and was very well received by all our managers present.”

Jack Chua President ERA Singapore

“Roger is an entertaining and gifted speaker. He is able to deliver a message with impact and warmth. Feedback we received was unanimous in the praise for Roger’s ability to catch and hold peoples attention. Not bad for a varied audience of over 100 attendees!”

Elizabeth Dickinson Executive Director CRCE American Association of Singapore

“Roger is a true magician. I have now experienced the magic of Roger in Bali and the Entrepreneur Business School. If anyone gets a chance to do this in 2006 you must. It will change your thinking, enhance your life and make you a far better person than you ever thought possible. Roger’s passion and love for people is extraordinary, the energy he emits and gives to others is awesome. He really can change the world bit-by-bit! Thank you Roger for the magic you gave me.”

Penny Power, Founder, Ecademy, UK

“Roger’s presence in any room, in any country, filled with people from all walks of life, illuminates the room the moment he appears and begins sharing. Roger’s extremely meaningful and vital donation to SoulTalk Charity enabled us to open the first Loving Home for Women in crisis in Hong Kong. Roger, you are amazing!”

Andrea Gutwirth, Founder, SoulTalk, Hong Kong

“Roger is one of the most fun & inspiring people I have met. His simple story telling style hides many insights. Many of which I have benefited from. This is one guy who needs to be better known around the world!”

Akhil Shahani, Director, The Shahani Group, India

“If you want to understand wealth. If you want to know the rules of the game. If you want to develop your strategy to win. Then look no further.”

Clive Taylor, Director, Sesai Consulting, UK

“Roger has got closer to understanding the spirit and essence of wealth creation than any other thought leader in the twenty-first century. He is a gifted and generous teacher who is changing the fortunes of many, many people.”

Adrian Gilpin, Chairman, Institute of Human Development, UK

“Roger is an exceptional, high spirited individual with great vision, energy and dynamism. I commend his tireless efforts and generosity in making a valuable contribution by assisting people around the world to realise their potential, build their businesses and live their lives. I also applaud his work in helping the poor and needy and making a difference in their lives.”

Mildred Ambrose, CEO, Cornerstone International Consulting, NZ

“Roger exudes enthusiasm and passion for entrepreneurship and wealth building with the desire to share his knowledge and passion. I particularly like his philosophy and thoughts on everyone’s ability to build wealth and more importantly share this wealth for the good of those less fortunate.”

Stuart Taylor, Owner, Asia Oil Gas, Malaysia

“I have just attended Roger’s Wealth Dynamics Weekend and what a truly amazing experience it was. I have never learnt so much in such a short space of time – and had so much FUN! Roger is simply awesome. Two full days on overdrive, maximum energy, so much knowledge, so many experiences and absolutely inspirational delivery, never to be forgotten. Just awesome. If you have the opportunity to attend this, don’t ask any questions or hesitate, just do it – you wont regret it. My eyes have been opened. Thank you Roger!”

Paul Buckley, Managing Consultant, IBM Business Consulting, UK

“Roger’s Wealth Dynamics workshop is considerably more than a pathway to financial wealth, it is more an approach to life and the richness to be enjoyed on life’s journey. I, personally, was left with a feeling of both excitement and calm – excitement that I could truly achieve wealth in all aspects of my life – and enrich numerous other lives on the way – and calm that I would be true to my passions. A tremendous start to a fascinating journey. Many thanks, Roger.”

Cathy Boddy, Managing Director, Marketing Formula Ltd, UK

“Fantastic, This man has given me so much to think about. He has an incredibly self consistent view of how wealth is generated and how to identify what you need to develop your own wealth. If you miss him when you could see him then you are making one of the biggest mistakes you can. Thank you Roger, the course was out of this world.”

William Buist, Co-Leader, Blackstar Life Membership

“Roger’s seminars are fun and have helped me enormously in putting my team together. His personality profiling system is invaluable. I don’t want to employ anybody without going through this process. Roger’s concepts for developing a business are brilliant. Since I became a Life Member, my network has expanded with quality connections which have been invaluable in growing my business.”

Ian Robertson, Owner, Out Of The Box Thinking, Hong Kong

“Everyone who comes in his contact can’t be left of experiencing his contagious enthusiasm, profound knowledge, great vision, endless energy, willingness to help & priceless friendship . Roger has an amazing ability to help the right people to connect to the right person in the world jigsaw. Roger has gotten closer to understanding the spirit & essence of wealth creation & different games to play to get there.”

Zohar Batterywala, Dealer, Capital Markets, Chandarana, India

“Roger has something to say. To everyone. The concept of the Wealth Dynamics Profiles is very powerful and is not just a labelling mechanism, it is a pointer to how to create wealth in your life. Two days after attending a two-day seminar of Roger’s I have already acted to increase my wealth and I have many other things to do. To know and not to do, is not yet to know. Thanks Roger.”

Rob Worth, Founder, Worth Solutions Ltd, UK

“In one evening session I realised that the business model I was creating was 100% wrong for me. Roger showed me the business model I needed to succeed. He saved me 10 years of stress and heartache!”

Ann Andrews, Immediate Past National President of NSANZ, NZ

“Roger is truly inspiring. He is a great showman and the Wealth Dynamics approach is incredibly simple and yet incredibly complex. A true paradox. Roger is a man on a mission and the world needs this material. If you are an entrepreneur that is working hard and yet your business never seems to take off then I recommend you attend a Roger Hamilton Wealth Dynamics event as soon as possible.”

Richard J White, Trainer, Pro Excellence, UK

“Awesome content, top drawer delivery. Wealth dynamics and Roger Hamilton – a combination that made a step change in my perception of how I develop my value and how I leverage it. Thank you for two days of maximum energy.”

Andy Coote, Editor, Bizwords, UK

“I joined XL group as a Life Member as soon as I met Roger. For me Roger is representing a role model of a new entrepreneur. He is like a beacon showing the way for new businesses to follow. I experienced Roger as an electrifying speaker with tremendous vision.”

Zvone Vodnik, Founder, TigerHorse Success Ltd, NZ

“I have had the pleasure of meeting many highly successful business people in my life bit Roger is by far the most impressive. He is inspirational in style and highly thought provoking. Roger has this natural gift to present highly creative and intellectual principles at a level everyone can understand and use.”

Simon Warman-Freed, Founder, Xploit International Ltd, UK

“Roger is an inspiration. His training is superb, his business insights razor sharp and his contribution to group discussion advanced & accelerated them far beyond where they would otherwise have been. Attend his programmes because you will almost certainly see an immediate return on your investment that lasts a lifetime.”

Marcus Cauchi, SALT Europe Ltd, UK

“Roger is an extremely supportive person. He is a charismatic author, speaker, trainer and genuinely cares for other people’s success. I am proud to know Roger, and I am grateful for all the support he has shown me thus far. P.S: When Roger laughs, one can actually hear him a mile away.”

Aaron Goh, Business Executive, Standard Chartered Bank, Malaysia

“This man is unbelievably clever – he quite literally changes lives. His Wealth Dynamics programme is fascinating. What is astonishing is Roger’s willingness to share. Add in his ability to wrong foot people and you have a truly remarkable man.”

Philip de Lisle, CEO, Acumenture Ltd, UK

“I highly recommend anyone at any level of business, to make time to attend one of Roger’s Wealth Dynamic courses; time well invested will either completely change many of your perspectives or greatly enhance the way in which to view your chosen path and as Roger would say “you are the result of your choices”. You are a very remarkable man Roger. Thank you.”

Andrew Widgery, Development Manager, Ecademy, UK

“Being a life member is like having a treasure chest of knowledge and wisdom. Roger provided endless opportunities for learning and networking. Observing Roger organises the Entrepreneur Business School, I am amazed at his fantastic ideas. The value of learning acquired is priceless. I am honoured to be part of the team to build a social enterprise. Thank you.”

Lucy Ong, Deputy Director, Singapore Power, Singapore

“A dynamic and inspiring speaker. When one listens to him, that individual can’t help but be motivated to take action. I like his generosity and his sincerity in wanting to help others to achieve and function at their highest possible level.”

Dennis Lim, Owner, Biz Integrations, Singapore

“The one thing that separates Roger from other successful businessmen is his complete willingness to help, encourage and support. Despite his many responsibilities and hectic travel schedule, he is always upbeat, positive and full of ideas. It’s been a great experience to know Roger and to be a part of his worthwhile mission.”

Warwick John Fahy, Founding President, Prof. Speakers Assc of China, China

“Roger is very creative and not only an inspirational speaker; he is an inspirational doer as well. It is fantastic to be able to benefit from his experience and it is also a pleasure to meet with him socially. His profiling system is excellent.”

Robert Nagel, Director, Design Revolution, Australia

“One of the biggest challenges for individuals is establishing their economic well being and doing so in a way that ‘makes the pie bigger’. Anyone that provides this sort of information and skills is to be highly commended and that is exactly the sort of area in which Roger helps people to improve their abilities.”

Marcus Barber, Director, LUFG, Australia

“Roger’s clear thinking and easy, approachable manner helped me to choose which direction to go at a crossroads in my life, with effective tools to reassess and aid my progress. His amazing wealth of knowledge and intelligence made what could have been a complex decision seem simple. A great friend and confidante. Thanks, Roger.”

Debbie Law, GM, Expat Rentals, Singapore

“Roger, your enthusiasm is contagious, your knowledge profound, your delivery astounding, your vision great and your friendship priceless.”

K.K. Ralhan, Chairman Total Energy Solutions, Indonesia

“Roger is one of the shining illuminations of our generation. He has so much depth in matters of entrepreneurship and his focus on every individual’s ability to succeed is uncanny! It is such a privilege to know a person of Roger’s character and status. I have learnt so much from his principles of success as a person. Bravo Roger, Bravo.”

Peter Emeleogu, Partner, AW Capital, Nigeria.